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What the pilgrimage is about within the treatment course?


The pilgrimage is the final stage of the treatment and may be considered as the alternative of the Stress Energetic Psychotherapy - ascent to the mountain of Salvation - Tashtar-Ata. Since the ancient time people have come to this place and thrown their spelled stones, and all the worries and concerns would fade away as the stones touched the ground. The start point is the city of Osh, one of the ancient cultural centers with the three thousand year history, and its choice was not accidental. The Osh-Khorog highway is one of the main drug trafficking routes through which the drugs from Afghanistan flow to Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan and then further to Kazakhstan and Russia and throughout Europe. And the pilgrim challenges his health and drugs along the route. The pilgrims are accompanied by stones that take all the sorrow and worries. The pilgrims transmit all his drug-related concerns to the materialized ‘soul of the stone’ during the lapido psychotherapy. The pilgrim passes the 250 kilometres-long route within five days through mountain-areas at 3000 meters above the sea level with the stone to the Mountain of Salvation - Tashtar-Ata.The pilgrimage is ended with the ritual of liberation. Overcoming oneself, physical pain, exhaustion during the pilgrimage helps to obtain self-assuredness and rises the personality, his ‘I’ starts to be of the first priority. The patient overcomes, wins oneself and totally becomes free of drugs and alcohol.