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Could you please tell about the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction in details?


The Doctor Nazaraliev therapeutic complex is based on the clinically processed algorithm of step-by-step impact on all pathogenic components of drug addiction. The treatment program is aimed at individual and depends on the peculiarities of the disease development and accompanying diseases. The program is not conservative or stagnated. It was developed at MCN and it has been used since 2002.

It is composed of the following:

1)         Detox period (severe), the psychological and physical addiction od drug and alcohol addicts is being removed. The Central Cholinolytic Blocade, Plasmapheresis, Hy[erbaric oxygenation, massage, manual therapy, acupuncture take place at this period. General tonic and symptomatic treatment is undertaken.

2)         Pre-severe period where the psychological methods of treatment are used. Lapidopsychotherapy, individual psychotherapy, group therapy, aquamaternal therapy in sauna, cosmetology procedures.

3)         The MINDCRAFTING Rehab program. It is composed of the complex of psycho techniques aimed at recovery and activation of hidden reserves of personal growth through psycho energetic transformation.  

4)         Stress Energetic Psychotherapy (SEPT), provides the setting of the patient on a long-term remission and assuredness in order to confront the drug addiction in any environment. The pilgrimage to the Mountain of Salvation - Tashtar-Ata may be considered as an alternative to the stress energetic psychotherapy.