F.A.Q. 362

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What is the stress energetic psychotherapy and what is aimed at?


After the three stages of treatment the patient may be allowed to undergo the stress energetic psychotherapy or pilgrimage upon the conclusion decision of doctors.

The preparation process for the Stress Energetic Psychotherapy takes three days. After psychotherapeutic interview with the patient and co-participant, the patient receives premedication that lasts three days. Psychotherapy experts work actively with every patient, intentionally causing emotional experience of expectation and trouble of patients that grow with every day. He is within his dreams. After all, the process of psychoactive influence on patients takes place in the room resembling the operational theatre. Pathological determinant structural link causing psychic addiction is being destroyed. Tough imperative neuroinduction is aimed at eliminating pathological drug or alcohol addiction through the ascent of personality, the revival of the will ‘I’. There is no liberation from drugs without psychic independence. Stress-energetic psychotherapy provides sustainable setting of the patient on long-term remission and assuredness in one’s power to confront drug addiction in any environment.