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Developed and created by Dr. Nazaraliev, mindcrafting is a psycho-therapuetic  syntheses of eastern spiritual and philosophical approaches to medicine and  western pragmatic scientific techniques. 

The mindcrafting treatment program  is conducted at Ak-Tengir (Bright Space) located in a camp on Lake Issyk Kul.

Why do we need this program?

At this stage of the treatment process, the patient's  physical condition is in a state of   well being; however, his/her  consciousness remains polluted. The patient's  subconscious is fragmented, tormented with anxiety and feelings and blame, he/she lacks the confidence  to step towards a brighter  future. Dreams, filled with fears of relapse remain strong, increase  the patient's feelings of  stress, depression and apathy.

The mission and goal of the mindcrafting program  is to help the patient  obtain a  wholeness of consciousness, to sustain his/her psychological state by  strengthening his/her mental health, thus re-discovering the patient's  confidence and abilities.  Lastly, the mindcrafting treatment program  opens new horizons for self development and enables one to  learn the techniques of anti-relapse auto trainings.

The Seven Psychological Techniques

Over the last decade, our medical staff has paid close  attention to the mind and body’s spiritual component of healing.  The Mindcrafting rehabilitiation program is the  result of our observations and hard work. It is a sequence of psycho-therapeutic techniques developed by our specialists that focuses on psycho-energetic transformation, self discovery, acquisition of knowledge concerning the body’s self defenses, self-healing practices and overall health improvement.  Although  the duration of this particular segment is short, the intensity of the treatment is powerful.  The program consists of absolutus and  heliolotropic yoga breathing practices, Sri Aurobindo’s meditative yoga techniques, The Whirling Dervish Dance (Sufi ritual),  the “AUM” psycho-energetic training, mantra chanting, Lapido-psychotherapy,   “Savasana” relaxation training, and Maun (a , training 24-48 hours of the Vow of Silence, to be performed solely by each patient). A patient is isolated from society and placed in a Kyrgyz yurt up in the mountains. Silence stimulates the internal feelings of the patient and activates his/her thinking processes, thus allowing one to make better decisions for future actions.

Absolutus and heliolotropic  yoga breathing practices contains several breathing techniques which help to expand consciousness. It is followed by slower breathing techniques which help  extract the physical consciousness, pushing it out  from narrowed limits bringing one to a  state of Absolutus. The same techniques were used by many spiritual teachers of the past, which helped them to dive into the spheres of cosmic consciousness. Breathing techniques  calm  the nerves and emotions of the patient, thus one  returns to a peaceful state of mind.

Sri Aurobindo Meditation Technique

This meditation technique is  self-regulating , thus it allows the patient to focus  on managing and correcting the psychic processes responsible for balance, harmony and integration in the human body. Our subconscious is polluted with fragments of problematic situations, emotions and negative experiences.  The Sri Aurobindo meditation techniques allow the patient to comprehend the indivisible unity of his/her overall life's existence. After meditation, a person's inner self  is filled with tranquility, peace, energy, and confidence. The psycho-therapeutic direction of the meditation is to establish a stable balance of the psychic system with the help of silence. This effective training technique helps the patient to learn how to control his/her personal thoughts and emotions.

The Dervish Dance

The Mevlevi Order is a ]]>Sufi]]> order founded by the followers of ]]>Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Balkhi-Rumi]]>, a 13th century ]]>Persian]]> ]]>poet]]> and ]]>theologian]]>.  They are also known as the Whirling Dervishes.  Patients mimic the rhythmic spinning  movement creating a powerful energy.    This unique overwhelming feeling of the chosen and power cause the body to fall to the earth.   A person feels the support of earth but his/her consciousness is still present in the  wild carousel.

As noted in Rumi's writings, the spinning motion enables one to  reach the Almighty.   It is both an act of love and belief.   The music, the rhythmic spinning, the entire experience  evokes the feelings  of ecstasy and mystic flight.

Aum Chanting

The Aum (also spelled as Om) represents the sound that tunes the human organism. Its effects on the body and mind  provide peace, relaxation and harmony.

The chanting is a potent tonic that  increases the efficiency of the human organism in a profound manner. The repetitious chanting  produces  excellent mental and physical health.  The  practice lowers blood pressure and  and increases the  efficiency of all the cells and organs in the body. In essence, Aum chanting  rejuvenates the mind and increases  concentration and memory skills thereby effectively teaching the individual effective meditative techniques.   Aum chanting is a  therapy program with outstanding healing benefits; it is a  universal mantra that everyone is capable of performing.  One does not need  the initiation of a master or guru to reap its endless benefits. One must understand the  Aum is the underlying current permeating the universe.  It comes before the  gunas, the senses, and the material world.   What else could a  patient suffering  from drug or alcohol addiction wish for?

Aum  symbolizes the stairs that  take a person to the highest level of consciousness. When meditating with Aum, you experience  eternity, immortality, inner spiritual strength, deep insights and changes in your everyday life perceptions.

The Aum Mantras were brought to us by the yogis and sages. As they reached the  highest spiritual state of mind, they were able to  hear different sounds.  Upon their return to consciousness, they  crooned the  melodies through memory.   This  is the reason Mantras are not considered to be art or literature; they  have  transcendental origins, the sounds of the Holy Almighty.

The meaning of Aum is as followed; the A denotes the  material universe, the U stands for the  mental plan, and the M represents the  unknown that lies  beyond human understanding.

Aum strengthens and deepens the focus of human mind and leads to the highest reality of definition. In Hinduism, OM is written as Aum, in Islam as Omin, and in Christianity as Amin.  In Hinduism, on, Aum ( OM) is the higher consciousness in the form of a mystic sound. The aum  training in Mindcrafting effectively  reduces feelings of depression and anxiety giving way for  artistic talents and development of will power.   Artists, athletes, and  businessmen need these trainings; it also has a  tremendous positive effect on children and adolescents.

When a person begins to chant, the articulation of the first vowel, “a,” creates a vibrations resulting in an increased efficiency  of the spinal cord. The second vowel articulated, the “u,” creates vibrations in the throat affecting the  thyroid glands. Lastly, when the “m” is articulated, vibrations increase brain activity.   As a result of increased brain efficiency, an individual's outlook on life grows more positive, feelings of depression and fatigue decrease, and the overall ability to concentrate increases memory skills. 


After the acute abstinence syndrome relieve and overall physical and emotional improvement, along with the rest of procedures, patient is introduced to one of the following levels of treatment process - Lapidopsychotherapy.

The essence of Lapidopsychotherapy (LPT) is based on transformation of personal, spiritual and narcotic problems onto the stone. Levels of LPT include:

  • Choosing the stone
  • Talking to the stone, passing the sorrow and problems on to it
  • Pilgrimage to the Mountain of Salvation, and
  • Throwing the stone off the shoulders (symbolic ritual of throwing heavy burden off shoulders)

Clinicians introduce patients and co-dependants to the ancient legend of Mountain of Salvation "Tashtar-Ata" (See Photo Gallery).

Patients ascend the mountain in order to choose personal stone which symbolizes each ones illness and sorrow. They work with personal stone passing all negatives on to it, followed by performing the ritual of rejection; at the completion of recovery , they throw the stone in to the huge pile of similar stones, praying for cure.

SAVASANA - The Relax Training

The ancient sages used this psycho-technique to replenish physical power and  rest the mind.  The relaxation trainings and methods date back centuries and were used to celebrate traditions and rituals.  Hands are placed along the body.   Every cell in every muscle succumbs to a state of intense relaxation.  The body experiences a unique lightness uninterrupted by any external disturbances.   A 20 minute session in Savasana is equivalent to a 3 hour sleep.   The therapeutic nature of this training reduces migraines, lowers the blood pressure, and decreases symptoms associated with asthma, neuroses and depression.

Lapido-psychotherapy is a practice that transfers the patient's negative energy to a stone.  

A mountain stone symbolizes an eternal entity for it stores memories dating back millennia. Clutching the stone tightly, the patient transfers his/her emotion into the stone,  imprinting a new destiny relinquishing painful layers into the stone.  The stone absorbs the burden of the human soul preserving the negative information inside. Next, the stone is carried to the  Tashtar-Ata, the mountain of salvation, and  cast onto  a  pile of other stones, releasing the burden off the individual's shoulders.

Psychotherapeutic Training Vow of Silence 

Auto-psycho-training called ‘Vow of Silence" falls harmonically within the algorithm of psychotherapeutic method ‘Tashtar Ata'. This step is one of the most crucial psychotherapeutic models in the frame of addiction treatment process. Based on a complex psychotherapeutic method ‘Tashtar Ata'  headed personally by Professor J. Nazaraliev, this is the time when important work and correction with patient and co-dependant person is to be executed. This step is a very intensive period based on rehabilitation of the patient's personality through self-immersion, self analyses, critical thinking and approach towards his past. At this moment, the’ I am' concept appears, and the idea of ‘I am strong' solidly forms. All psycho techniques are directed toward the main aims of the treatment process such as returning the self belief, forming healthy motives and solid directives for the rest of life free of drugs.

By the moment of conducting psycho training ‘Vow of Silence', patient is psychologically ready to examine in details his troubled experience and past. One on one with himself and his problems, he is in a total isolation in the mountains, above ‘Tashtar Ata'. Nothing destructs him from turning his life back like a film, evaluating each episode and recalling every event.Wise mountains and the stone which is tightly held in his hands become silent witnesses of harsh moments of desperation and self- blaming. Understanding inner self, and freeing self from problems and negatives, patient collects a great amount of positive energy necessary for the next decisive level of treatment which is either Stress Energetic Psycho Therapy (SEPT) or Pilgrimage.