The Nazaraliev method. Therapeutic concept.

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Non-traditional addiction treatment The first stage. Detoxification. CCB and combined methods The goal of the first stage of complex treatment via Nazaraliev’s method is to quickly and painlessly save the patient from physical suffering (withdrawal) after abrupt stopping of using drugs, to eliminate the physical addiction, to arrest compulsive nausea (irresistible) addiction to drugs, to cleanse the body of toxins and waste products, to stabilize the state of health, reach the operative adequacy of mental patient. Acute Unit. Immediately after hospitalization of patients a strong infusion therapy for the normalization of micro- and macro-mineral of metabolism upon individual scheme starting, fluid replacement, maintenance of organs and systems is started. Since 99% of patients have a specific defect of veins due to the constant injection of drugs at the preparatory stage, the installation of catheter onto subclavian vein is needed - the presence of the catheter is necessary for the therapeutic treatment (infusion, immune modulatory, elimination, etc.).

Central Cholinolytic Blocade (CCB) starts on the second day Central Cholinolytic Blocade (CCB) is a core method of arresting the symptoms of opiate withdrawal ("shakes") more broadly - is the main pharm-therapeutic method of eliminating psychophysical dependence. Some skeptics and competitors speak of this procedure, to say the least of it, incompetently. We do not get involved in useless arguments with black PR-managers. We are just doing our job honestly and professionally. And we would like to offer ill-wishers to visit us in the MCN and witness it with their own eyes. A patient experiences withdrawal in his dreams during CCB.

Pathologic (violent) addiction is eliminated. CCB is minutely and deeply studied in MCN on the effects on organs and systems of the patient, and especially the brain, its therapeutic doses and modes excluding negative effects on the body are worked out. Before the CCB course, patients are examined on drug tolerance test, individual dose is strictly selected so to eliminate any adverse effects. Individual dose and individually assigned CCB option suits the individual characteristics of the patient causing the planned therapeutic effect, allow to control, to manage and make CCB completely safe for the patient. CCB sessions held in specialized intensive care patient’s room, equipped with the state of art equipment to monitor the patient's condition under the constant supervision of anesthesiologists-resuscitators, drug addiction treatment and psychotherapy experts.

Approximately 100,000 of successful CCB sessions in the treatment of the acute phase of opiate withdrawal in the Medical Center of Doctor Nazaraliev in the past 15 years of practice have allowed a detailed and comprehensive study of its positive impact. This number is quite a strong argument in favor of CCB as efficient and safe treatment component of combined psychophysical dependence when opioid addiction takes place. The method is warranted by MCN (In accordance with the monograph of J.Nazaraliev L.Munkina "Treatment of acute phase of opium withdrawal via central cholinolytic blockade."). Combined with CCB (between its sessions) different approaches that effectively relieve intoxication of the organism and its consequences like plasmapheresis, hemosorption - upon prescription, hyperbaric oxygenation replenishing oxygen deficiency are undertaken. Transcranial electrical stimulation, acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic, laser therapy in a parallel combination with immunomodulation and vitamin therapy allow to remove physical dependence, improve the health of the patient, to normalize metabolism completely that makes full psychotherapy of the patient possible within 12-15 days. The Nazaraliev method.

Therapeutic concept.

Drug addiction and alcoholism treatment are aimed at quick and pain-free relief of physical addiction, recovery of physical health to stand for the first part of the therapeutic concept. Second, the most important part of the concept is aimed at removing psychological dependence, restoring the integrity and stability of the mind, reconstructing the personality of the patient for a full re-socialization. The Nazaraliev method is based on the author's approach to the treatment of chemical dependency. The therapeutic concept is implemented in a sophisticated complex of science-based drug and non-drug methods that provide complete liberation from drug and alcohol addiction of the patients. The Nazaraliev method. The basic principle of therapeutic concept of the method is holistic (from the Greek Holos - whole), i.e. therapeutic manipulation of all the nosotropic components of the disease: physical, mental and social. In its therapeutic concept the Nazaraliev method possesses another important distinguishing feature.

The patient is hospitalized with a person close to him - codependent person, who bears neuropsychiatric problems because of long-term stresses. During the treatment of drug or alcohol addict, codependent person is not only undergoing psycho-correction of his own problems, but psychotherapy course coupled with the treatment of drug or alcohol addict. The Nazaraliev method is designed to correct family relationships, change attitude toward the disease, to obtain skills of post-hospitalization support. Many rehab centers around the world disdain the co-dependency as the most influential factor. Family related concerns caused of drug dependency become family-related treatment in MCN. Not only drug addict or his addiction is treated but the whole family is treated in a manner to support each other and enhance family ties so to further avoid any relapses. Thus, the Nazaraliev method in accordance with its therapeutic concept follows tripartite psychotherapeutic alliance - the doctor, the patient, codependent person to provide up to 83% of the annual remission when drug and up to 92% - when alcohol addiction.



Frantic pace of life shatters our existence and we are left alone to address the millions of small distractions, problems, taking all the creative energy that could be directed in a positive manner - to improve, to harmonize, to the interpretation. Most of us are in search of an alternative: we all want to discard unnecessary, to say goodbye to the existing negative energy. Alas, the community can’t provide us with a unique privilege of self-identity. We don’t have the culture of respect for the integrity, uniqueness and identity of the individual developed in our minds and hearts. In this multi-color mosaic of different manifestations of life, it is rare when the courage to accept the challenge to be oneself can be evaluated and approved. In our opinion, it is the approval of courage to defend oneself by society, associates, relatives and loved ones could play the role of a powerful catalyst of creative breakthrough, flowing energy of self-discovery. No matter who that person is: an experienced teacher, fresh doctors, brave cosmonaut or a heavy drug user. Everyone has the right of chance - a chance to change their lives. Start a new phase. Reconsider one’s life. Dream. Strive for the new. But not all have these reserves: both moral and physical.

Man of the present is just not able to fight for the happiness to be himself, for "to try a new life", for this "chance of a new life." Humanity experiences a logical, long and disastrous crisis, when all the paradigms, philosophical, and religious dogmas at inertia live their age down, formality has become an integral part of everyday world outlook. In fact, the man is squeezed. Countless stresses, daily routine algorithms, lack of satisfaction suck all the juices from a man. This is when obvious question appears whether a man can start a new life. Does he have more reserves? The Mindcrafting system is copyrighted creative approach based on synthesis of ancient spiritual integrative psychic practices of the East and effective pragmatic of the modern West. Limited by space of complexes and stereotypes imposed by society for thousands of years, the person is no longer able to follow the stale proper behavior patterns. Person needs to reconsider his role, retranslate the energy waves in another positive direction.

The Mindcrafting system is focused precisely on psychic energetic personal transformation, on the restoration of one’s integrity, extensive experience, and self-knowledge, reprogramming the vector of personal development and revealing the personal growth resources. After all, the person of present is stretched and ruthlessly cut off from the huge flow of the Universal positive energy, all of his energy went into stagnation, the stagnation of all his aspirations abandoned in the bucket of plans and desires is widespread. Created by an outstanding psychiatrist Professor J.B. Nazaraliev at the intersection of philosophy and medicine, the program focuses on the ever urgent problem of the individual. What is this person of present? One can’t hide the fact that a medieval rejection and condemnation, demonization and exclusion of vulnerable populations - drug addicts takes place in a civilized society that has reached unprecedented heights in science and technology plan, developed cutting edge formula, plowing through the Universe. This discrimination is actual and prevalent in most countries. The program does not discriminate against a person by any features. No matter what origin, status in society, religion, political or other opinion. It works with a man of will, with those who are ready to change. Those who do not have enough support, attention and approval.

The MINDCRAFTING system is a system for psychic healing and activation of latent reserves of personal growth through psychic energetic transformation. The MINDCRAFTING is a new word in psychotherapy (derives from the English. Mind - the mind, the soul; craft - skill, art, skill, grinding). Literally means "the art of the impact on one’s own mind" for the good of the individual. The focus of the Mindcrafting program is aimed at psychic energetic transformation of personality, the restoration of one’s integrity, enhancing the experience, self-knowledge, reprogramming the vector of personal development and revealing the personal growth resources. The mission and purpose of the MINDCRAFTING program is to help people to find the modern psychological stability, promote physical and mental health, strength of mind to keep one step ahead of others in the context of globalization, with its rapid development of information technology and the rule of money and stress.

The MINDCRAFTING program returns man the happiness of being and the update of one’s ‘I’, changes his attitude and understanding of the world, opens a new vector of self-development.

7 main principles of the MINDCRAFTING program:

1) personality orientated;

2) cholistic (manipulation of all psycho-organic functions of organism);

3) rapid and efficient ( prompt achievement of results);

4) eco-friendly (no drugs);

5) gradual intensity;

6) future-orientated (obtaining the psycho-energetic transformation skills);

7) universal (any age, occupation).



1) THE ABSOLUTUS – BREATHING-BASED PSYCHO TECHNIQUE The Absolutus - breathing-based psycho technique consists of several respiratory sessions that allow you to reach a state of expanded consciousness quickly. Breathing can "straighten" raging emotions, calm shattered nerves, restore the peace to chatty thoughts, and overcome insomnia easily. During the training, the mind comes out of physical bondage to the level of the infinite Absolute. A person starts to see his 'I' from any perspective, reconsiders oneself and one’ problems. Addicted patients usually experience persistent anxiety, insecurity and poor sleep but following the Absolutus training they feel calm, confident, and their mood and sleep are improved. Consciousness becomes clear and insightful.

2) SRI AUROBINDO’S INTEGRAL YOGA MEDITATION This psycho training is conducted under the strict supervision of an instructor every morning and evening for 30 minutes. Psychotherapeutic orientation of the meditation is aimed at establishing stability and balance of the mind and bringing people across the state of silence to the lasting psychological equilibrium, i.e. at finding peace.

3) THE DERVISH DANCE This magic whirling comes from the Sufi practices. In the rhythm of rushing whirling our energy grows and gains power and strength. There comes the delight of flight, being the chosen one and enthusiasm and courage, self-confidence, your ability along with it. On "autopilot" whirled body falls. Man feels reliable terrestrial support. But consciousness is still there, in the carousel. The world continues its rotation and our consciousness drawn by the powerful thrust of the flow follows the rotation as if it came out of its physical body and flew to an extraordinary journey, discovering the unknown, hidden away in the normal state.

4) USING AUM SOUND This is the meditation to harmonize body, filling it with energy and positive emotions. AUM refers to the holophonic (integrated) technology that covers the entire body. AUM (OM) is not just a tribute to the exotic fashion. We are moving away from the sacred (holy) meaning OM. It is a universal training technique that has energy laws in its basics that lie deeper than cultural and national traditions. It is above all has energetic sense that does not require linguistic translation. The training is important not for its linguistic meaning but for the vibration effects of sound combinations. The core of the approach lies in the release of trapped energy. The training enables full conscious control of energy flow in the body. The MINDCRAFTING AUM effectively removes depression and despondency, gives rise to creativity, develops power of will. And this is what creative people, athletes, entrepreneurs are dying for. It has an extraordinarily importance for the growing children and adolescents.

5) LAPIDOPSYCHOTHERAPY - WORKING WITH STONE The special modern psycho technique that drives deep back into the folk traditions and rituals. Stone Mountain is the custodian of millennium-aged secrets. As the person grips it in his hands, he sends his thoughts through the ancient layers of time frozen in solid rock. And there, in the millennial depths he imprints all his concerns, leaving all his troubles, the negative experience, painful problems on the information memory of the stone. Stone stands for the loads of the soul that is thrown during the Liberation ritual on the Tahstar-Ata Mountain of Salvation. According to modern views, a stone stands for a psychological anchor for maximum self-concentration and removal of the psychological concerns of the soul. Training through verbalization (pronunciation aloud or silently) helps the healing process, freeing the psyche of the accumulated negative psychological concerns. Lapidopsychotherapy is held every day for 15-20 minutes. This individual-orientated procedure is deeply intimate. It is important that verbalization problems, painful memories, self-accusation frees from psycho-emotional stress, calms the mind and is works on its integration.


The ancient wise men used this psycho technique to restore bodily strength and to give the rest for the brain.

Hands are stretched along the body, the MINDCRAFTING participants shall be removed from everything distracting and sink into a state of complete rest. Every muscle, every cell relaxes so that the person can no longer feel his own body. Previously unknown relaxation comes out.

Sunbeam skied in your face, a slight breath of wind or the noise of the lake (trainings are held in the open air) - nothing distracts you from the inner desire to relax your body. Twenty minutes of Shavasana relaxation give rest that is equal to the three-hour deep sleep.

The training allows to achieve excellent therapeutic results when headaches, asthma, high and low pressure, nervousness, depression and other ailments. Rise to the highest levels of consciousness leads to a different look at our momentary problems. Their value is eroded, it goes nowhere, a new sense of integrity and self exploration appears. People experience unusual transformations. Those who hadn’t previously drawn suddenly discover artistic talents; deadlocks that kept a person in suspense are easily resolved by looking at them from the dimension of the Great Absolute. And the energy that uselessly flew to maintain the hopelessness, anxiety is back again in the river of your life. It is returned to give you stability, joyful feeling of spiritual strength and vitality.

The world is painted in colors again, as it is perceived only to the extent it is reflected in the conscious mind. THE THIRD STAGE. STRESS-ENERGETIC PSYCHOTHERAPY (SEPT). PILGRIMAGE Upon termination of 2 previous stages of the treatment following the conclusion decision of the medical commission the patient may be allowed to undergo a session of stress-energy therapy (SEPT). The patient can choose the pilgrimage as an alternative to SEPT at his will. The whole process of the preparation for SEPT and his conduction take three days. After psychotherapeutic conversation, both with patients and with accompanying person, the patient receives a "premedication" lasting 3 days. The displacement and destruction of the source of pathological determinant structural connection causing mental drug addiction is taken place during the SEPT session. The aim of imperative neuroinduction is to remove pathological drug or alcohol addiction through the rise of the personality, the revival of strong-willed "I".

Drug addiction can’t be eliminated without psychological resurrection. Stress-energy therapy provides a stable setting of the patient on long-term remission and self-confidence to resist drug-related relapse in any environment. Pilgrimage Pilgrimage is a form to complete the psychological addiction removal that is alternative to the SEPT session. In accordance with the method, the pilgrimage to the Mountain of Salvation starts at the foot of the Ala-Bel mountain pass. The patient needs to overcome the long route of 250 km within 5 days with ‘the load on one’s mind’ behind one’s shoulders. The grueling path is aimed at understanding of the patient himself as the strong personality, self-actualization, gaining confidence in his own strength, realizing the responsibility for his actions. The patient is accompanied by an instructor and therapist that play the role of outsiders and when necessary the role of assistants all along the way. Mountain landscape fascinates with its diversity. Alpine valley gives its way to passes.

Hilly plateau turns into a deep ravine from which only a narrow strip of blue sky is seen. The cold morning gradually becomes a hot day. The clouds ran up quickly and cold mountain wind chilled by glaciers, along with the rain, makes one feel the inconstancy of being. Not everybody is given a chance to experience oneself on top of the world being above the clouds. These changes of landscapes and climate extraordinary for the flat-land inhabitants cause an unusual emotional stress of joy. Due to the mountain hypoxia the body is forced to quickly adjust and adapt to new environment. The metabolism and physiological systems of man change dramatically. A powerful impetus to restore the brain's reward center violated by drug addiction is given. Physical activity contributes to the active production of endorphins and enkephalines – the joy hormones.

The conditions of transition, landscape, physical workouts described above become the background for a pilgrim, who is immersed into his inner world, and hour by hour, step by step, transforms it, getting rid of his own weaknesses. Walking with ‘the load on one’s mind’ behind one’s shoulders is hard psychophysical work that only a person with the resources created during the pilgrimage or the person with internal resources can de be determined upon. The flow of thoughts, the mood is changed. Each patient-pilgrim is trying to "get rid of and find" during the transition-route. Get rid of the feeling of guilt, his weakness, and mistrust in oneself, misleading fantasies, all that filled his inner world when he used to be a drug addict. To obtain the power of will, a real sense of life with its triumphs and disappointments, the ability to overcome the weakness, to restore the confidence in oneself. This is particularly evident at the last 2-3 tens of kilometers in the turning point, critical moment of the way when the muscle exhaustion becomes unbearable.

When desperate thought comes: "And what for do I need it all? '. But as the man is alone at this moment and reports only to oneself, a power to prove one can do it avoids all the doubts. A new lease of life is found. And now, the physical pain is perceived as making satisfaction for guilt and it doesn’t stop one from proceeding forward. Upon the way of overcoming oneself, of reconsidering the past life, attitudes to one’s own actions and ‘I’. Finally, the transition spots start to become recognizable. Pilgrim understands that the Mountain of Salvation is near, beyond the turn-out. Exhaustion is not felt even a stone behind the shoulders is not heavy. Steps transform into the running. Joy fills the soul, overcoming oneself, self-assertion, the victory over oneself as the most important accomplishment in life is taken place.

Ritual of Liberation. ... The ascent to the "Tashtar Ata" Mount of Salvation and the release of the ‘the load on one’s mind’ that was with pilgrim all along his route. Stone flies to Barrow. A pilgrim finally throws his overwhelming emotions, and starts to cry unashamedly turning to the heaven "I'm clean! I am free! ". This is the ultimate goal of pilgrimage - a spiritual cleansing.