By Cher. St. Petersburg

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Dear workers of the Nazaraliev Center! I extend my cordial parent gratitude to the staff of the center without exception. You are doing hard work and the people considered to be lost in the society are back to their lives, you are giving them and their parents the hope for the future. My reverence to you and thank you very much! Yes, a lot is given in the center but the future, of course, depends on the patients. But I hope that they will remember and will not fail after such care, humanity, and warmth. Thanks again to all the doctors for their attention and consideration. Once again, my reverence to all, and God bless you all with health, happiness to your family and no troubles round. Thank you so much! I am leaving with great hope that my son will be a normal human being and I have a smile on my face that grief that have followed all this time will never come back!