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Jenishbek Nazaraliev – Doctor of Medicine, Professor, President of the Dr. Nazaraliev Medical Center, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, member of the World Federation for Mental Health - FMH (Springfield, USA), Coordinator of the ICAA Regional Office for Central Asia (ICAA - International Council on Alcohol and Addictions (Lausanne, Switzerland), a member of the Association for Transpersonal Psychology (Palo Alto, USA), a member of the Association for Humanistic Psychology (Alameda, USA), President of the World League "Mind free of drugs'.

Jenishbek Bolsunbekovich Nazaraliev - scale, multi-faceted personality: an innovator in the field of drug treatment and psycotherapy, practioner, scientist, researcher, politician, writer...and the professional in every area. He is called "Dr. Life", "Icebreaker", "New Academician," "The Exorcist," "The Man in Black" because he was the first to challenge heroin and alcohol addiction. The name Jenishbek stands for "the conqueror" in Kyrgyz. Indeed, he now has the full right to say that in order to realize a global plan, one must have a percent of talent or luck, the other 99 percent are about patience and the will to win and hellish work. ... When he started to cry as a child after being hurt at sparring, coach carefully stroked his head with the words, sunken into his soul forever: "Do not cry, you're the conqueror" ... A true character is revealed in defeat not in victory. The same with the fact as if there were no darkness, one wouldn’t be happy for light. Only those who have passed through thick and thin, proving themselves, foes and friends, remaining true to themselves will understand.

After all, the lives of heroes are not about the path to throne strewn with rose petals. Eighteen years ago, he might have become a living symbol of a resurrecting state: young, handsome, smart and determined. But those in power were unwilling to advertise him. Although by that time elderly and eminent scholars from around the world hadn’t come up with anything efficient against the evils tremendously splitting the nations of the globe. The Masters of medicine smiled indulgently at the first positive result of the stress-energetic psychotherapy. It seemed childish to them at the edge of global adventures. However, one romantic adventurism itself was worthy of respect. He was not advertised - he started to publicize himself. He was not exhibited - he exhibited himself. He has become a symbol. Of not a single state, he is cosmopolitan by nature. He has become a living legend, the icon of drug dependents addicts around the globe.

He was born May 8, 1961. Professor Nazaraliev comes from an ancient Kyrgyz tribe known for its seers and healers. But the method on alcohol and drug addiction treatment designed by Nazaraliev is state of art, it is based on his own developments that took all the positive things created by the experience of generations into account. Jenishbek Nazaraliev’s mom was strict – how can one keep six children in obedience! Being a teacher, she created the first Kyrgyz schools in the south of the country, she worked 16 years as a school principal. His father was a doctor, a psychiatrist, a very diplomatic and democratic man whose skills and abilities to help people in difficult, critical situations urged admiration and love of others. The grandmother Tolgonai played a greater role in bringing Jenishbek up. She came from an ancient khan Sayak tribe and fully inherited the imperious and uncompromising character of her ancestors. She kept the grandchildren in severity and encouraged their desire to always get things done. Jenishbek was twelve when he experienced the first shock of his life. Rolling hoops from barrels upon stony roads with his peers, Jenishbek by some accident ran to his father at mental hospital and witnessed the astounding incident, as he then thought. Two men in robes passed by with a woman on a stretcher. She had frightened eyes. Misfortune lighted upon her family, and her legs were paralyzed.

Jenishbek’s father said something to her at soft even voice, and then ordered her to get up and come to him. He spread his hands, as do women, encouraging the child to take his first steps. Without taking her eyes from Jenishbek’s father, she got up and made steps towards him ... Later Jenishbek Nazaraliev began to realize the scene that astonished him. His father brought his patient into a hypnotic state and helped her raise hidden features of the nervous system with words, gestures and voice tones. It was usual method of psychotherapy effects on the mind, and the behavior of the patient through it. The case determined the fate of the doctor. Jenishbek Nazaraliev graduated the Kyrgyz State Medical Institute with the major in a psychotherapy. He is married and has a son and a young daughter. His hobbies are perception of creation, professional development and Integral Yoga (a.k.a. Poorna Yoga) of Sri Aurobindo. Dr.Life has zeal for professional photo (member of the prestigious World Press Photo Contest in the Netherlands), skiing, extreme driving, judo, swimming in the icy mountain water, marathon. His life creed is to save mankind from drug addiction.

Jenishbek proceeded to his method by feel through seemingly unintentional discoveries with the only desire to help, pull out of the hell of dependence, to revive a patient. It worked out! It really worked out! Back then it was his dad and almost fanatical belief in the future of his method to support him. Unfortunately, his dad died soon after, and he had to implement his plan alone. First, a tiny office in the basement, then the "tent" at VDNKh (Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy) Center could not accommodate the flow of patients.