First stage of treatment. Detoxification. CCLB.

The first stage of Nazaraliev's complex treatment is based on the implementation of psychopharmacological therapy and the session of central cholinolytic blockade. (CCLB).

What is psychopharmacological therapy?

Psychopharmacological therapy involves the use of neuroleptics, antidepressants, tranquilizers, immunomodulators, and other medical drugs which are widely used in psychotherapy and drug addiction treatment practice. Besides all listed above, a general infusion and overall health restorative therapy is conducted.

What is a Central Cholinolytic Blockade?

Central Cholinolytic Blockade (CCLB) is the key method for release of an acute withdrawal syndrome (abstinent syndrome). To look widely, CCLB is the base pharmacotherapeutic method in arresting psycho-physical addiction.

The method of CCLB allows rapidly (2 to 6 sessions) to rid of the neurotic signs and symptoms as well as to ease the pain and overall psycho-negative condition of the patient. The idea is administered in a low dose of atropine. Under the influence of atropine patient is put to sleep for several hours. (2-3 hours). As a result, patient becomes more flexible psychologically, which increases the opportunity to conduct psychotherapeutic work in the future more effectively.

Is it dangerous?

We have conducted over 100,000 sessions of central cholinolytic blockade. The dosage of the drug is assigned and used individually. During artificial sleep session, patients are observed by professional anesthesiologists-resuscitators and psychotherapists who control the process.  The procedure is conducted in intensive care department. No negative influences on mentality or human organism were observed in our clinic in the last 25 years of practical experience.

What is it needed for?

The aim of the first stage of treatment, after patient’s rapid rejection from drug dosage, is painless and rapid help to ease an acute abstinence syndrome and to suppress cravings for drugs. After all, the patient’ organism is cleaned from toxins and decay products, his condition stabilizes and the state of adequate psychological form is attained.

Additional procedures

In addition to all the procedures, patients receive:

1. Plasmapheresis and hyperbaric oxygenation which help to replenish the lack of oxygen in the organism.  
2. Transcrenial electrostimulation
3. Acupuncture
4. Medical Massage
5. Manual therapy
6. Immune modulating therapy
7.  Medical white mud treatment and sauna

All these procedures help to rid of neurotic symptoms and strengthen overall physical health of the patient normalizing his metabolic processes.



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