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The treatment price includes:

  • Staying in comfortable medical wards
  • Dining (3 organic meals are provided daily)
  • Full diagnostic and treatment service for the patient
  • Transportation for medical procedures and services applied during treatment
  • Airport pickup
  • For alcohol addiction treatment patients, accompanying relatives are not required. In case the patient would prefer to stay with a relative, an additional sum will be charged.

    Duration of treatment: 14-16 days

    Standart (One room): $6,250 $7,500

    Deluxe (2 rooms): $6,750 $8,100

    Deluxe+ (Room with separate bedroom and living area, specious balcony overlooking the mountain Tashtar-Ata): $7,750 $9,300

    Premium (Apartment with pool view): $14,750 $17,700

    Premium+ (Located in the old building, a spacious room has a large separate bedroom and a large living area with designated kitchen. The room overlooks the mountain Tashtar-Ata): $15,000 $18,000

    Gold & Silver (Large Apartment with pool view): please, contact our managers for prices and availability

    It is important to call our office in advance and consult a specialist before making a treatment reservation with us. It is strongly advised to book your treatment at least 5-7 days prior to your arrival, so we can guarantee available accommodation. You may either contact us by calling above the numbers, via online consultation or by filling in the “Contact Us” form on our website.

    Nazaraliev Medical Center is ready to offer to our patients a VIP service.

    VIP terms and conditions can be discussed with our managers on a case-by-case basis. Patients are welcome to attend our clinic at any time, but it is always recommended that you call us in advance to make a reservation.

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