Treatment and rehabilitation

Treatment method and therapeutic concept

Nazaraliev’s treatment method is based on author’s approach in treating psychological illnesses as well as alcohol and drug addiction. The therapeutic concept is realized in a serious, scientific complex of medical methods which provide patients effective rehabilitation from illness.

It has one distinctive aspect. The patient is hospitalized together with a close family member. During the treatment, a co-dependant is also receiving psychological correction and conducts self evaluation. We try to conduct family psycho correction, the correction in interpersonal relations between family members. We change the attitude of the family members towards the sickness of the patient, and try to coach them how to provide first aid psychological and physical aid if necessary.

Thus, the method itself has a triple psychotherapeutic union of the doctor, the patient and the co-dependant person. This is what helps us to attain higher statistical data in efficiency which is showing up to 86% of success in drug addiction treatment and 92% of success in alcohol addiction rehabilitation.

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