Central Cholinolytic Blockade (CCB)

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This procedure is a specific medicamental “sleep” which serves as the key element when releasing an acute withdrawal syndrome. In broader terms,  this is the main pharmacotherapeutic method in the complex treatment of drug addiction developed by Dr. J.B. Nazaraliev.

The effects of treating addiction with the method of Central Cholinolytic Blockade  has been thoroughly researched by Dr. Nazaraliev as well as others in the scientific and medical community.   Some scientists remain skeptical about the effectiveness of the treatment while others have attempted to bias the procedure altogether.   In order to inform and educate the public and dispel any false accusations concerning the procedure, we  invite everyone to our facility  to witness the entire treatment process.

More than 150,000  CCHB sessions in releasing an acute opiate withdrawal syndrome were successfully conducted by MCN's  medical staff.  Our evidence indicates  that Central Cholinolytic Blockade is an effective and safe component in opiate addiction treatment.  A detailed study  on the Central Cholinolytic Blockade is described in the monograph ‘Treatment of Opiate Abstinence in Acute Stage by the Method of Central Cholinolytic Blockade’ Monograph ( 2003, PP.400) J. Nazaraliev, L. Munkin, Medical Press Saint Petersburg.